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Wholesale D8 Cannagars/Hemp Cigars

As the leader in the industry for affordable and perfect smoking delta 8 cannagar cigars that are rolled purely with hemp leaf and cured to match the smoke-ability of a real cigar, we know a thing or two about what is quality and what is not. We’ve been rolling these types of products since 2010 when we first started this industry! Yes, that’s right, you heard me right. We are the first company to storm the world with Magars. Now we are doing it again but with high quality, high CBD hemp cigars now with delta 8 called Hegars.

We work with some of the most innovating hemp farm growers in Colorado (and the World!). A lot of our hemp flower and delta 8 products we use reach CBD levels of 24%+ while at the same time keeping below .3% THC so it’s always legal. We keep our hemp flower buds as full and un-manipulated as possible keeping our delta 8 hemp cigar products as high as quality as possible so that all our of Wholesale delta 8 products vendors enjoy the repeat business that these products bring to a store or a club.

Businesses that thrive with Acme Hemp Labs Wholesale Delta 8 Cannagar Program:

  • Liquor Stores
  • Clubs of all Kinds
  • Cigar and Cigarette Stores
  • Truck Stops
  • Dispensaries
  • Drugstores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Head shops
  • Event planning
  • Online stores

Perks of Teaming Up with Acme Hemp Labs

  • Get listed in our newsletters and on our website/maps.
  • 1 time super discount sample packs.
  • Availability for our wholesalers over our own online store.
  • SEO and marketing assistance valued up to $5000 for signing up.
  • Retail ready out of the box (just plug in the sku numbers).
  • Long term value product.
  • An oddity that becomes a familiar product over time.

Learn more about how you can sign up to be a Wholesale Hemp Cigar vendor here.

If you rather share us with your customers through your website and not hold product you can always become an affiliate.

If you’re looking for the best Delta 8 Cannagars & Delta 8 Hemp Cigars you came to the right place. Contact us today!