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The End: 50% OFF Hemp Cigars

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50 off for hemp cigarsThe 50% OFF Hemp Cigar Sale Ends on June 1st 12:00am

So today I was answering some questions that we get throughout the day and I was asked… again, if this site wide promo sale will be getting extended.

The quick and to the point answer is no.

However a good thing has come from us working with 50% OFF for over two months. We are finding more ways to decrease our costs so we can offer that difference to you moving forward. So although we will not be able to offer hemp cigars at the current prices forever, we are refining our costs downwards like I said we would when we first took online orders last year.

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So there is a silver lining! 3 actually!

  1. You can still purchase hemp cigars/CBD hemp cigarettes for 50% OFF till the end of the month
    – Primo Hemp Cigars
    – Frodo Hemp Cigars
    – Mini Hemp Cigars
    – Hemperette Hemp Cigarettes
  2. We’re going to be able to begin work on our Aromatic Hemp Cigars, which will be blended with oils and herbs to offer different flavors for Frodos and Primos next month and hopefully have them out before Autumn!
  3. Moving forward there will be a price decrease overall for our smokeable hemp products on Acme Hemp Labs.

Be sure to take advantage while you still can, as you have about 3 days left before this sale is over for good. But there is always good news on the horizon, more unique products are to come for those who are adventerous enough to try something new, but we’ll ALWAYS be sporting on flag shipping products like we have up above. We’re also looking into doing mini-collaborations with some popular flavored cigar brands out there — not Swisher blunts type of flavored either! REAL professionally flavored cigars, with real herbs and fruits and oils! This is a bit different from our Trademark brands called Acme Aromatics.

We are having tons of fun and we are super happy to be able to have offered this to you, we’re floored by how many people are making these unique smoking experiences a normal part of their routines. We at Acme Hemp Labs have always loved them and knew others would too, but the outreach we’ve been getting from companies to new customers has been amazing.

If you’ve not tried a CBD cigar yet, the time is now to take full advantage of our sale while it lasts.

ALSO, if you happen to have a following of any kind you can sign up with our affiliate program and make 30% off each and every sale. We also have it set so here in the future all past sales will be counted and those customers will be YOURS forever. With that said, we have a huge LTV (Long Term Value) as our product is quality and we’re affordable, so people return and they return often.

We take care of our customers and we continue to strive to better our product and our customer support, so you’ll know that who ever you share us with will be taken care of!

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    • Yes, we are in the process of making them as I write this. We got hit by many huge wholesale orders and the 4th of July wiped us clean. We’ve never been out of stock to this extent before, but we are ramping up with more rollers and more hemp farms to make sure we can continue to offer our Mini hemp cigars to both our online customers and our wholesalers.

  • This is still going on? Is the 50% just a marketing thing now? I want to buy hemp cigars though so I’m okay with the sale.

    • It of course is a marketing thing and since we are still working to perfect (or at least as much as possible) our eComm system and our sales support, shipping and rolling etc. We are pushing this sale out. Eventually there will be no sale and you will end up paying the regular price, which in all honesty is a fair amount for what these are. We’ll continue to keep prices as low as we can to keep them affordable. But these are not regular cigars and they are not easily made in batches that are required of us on a daily routine. It’s continuing to increase via new customers and reordering monthly from our wholesalers.

      If our competition can not even keep in stock there is no way they’ll be able to do what we are doing and keep the prices as low as they are now. So order now while you can, because I just spoke with the main guy and he was talking about slowly increasing price over the next month or so until it’s back to our normal price.