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Hemp + Instagram Update

You and Your Hemp Have BEEN BANNED!

instagram hemp business bannedAs things are online with marijuana, CBD and hemp based social accounts. They like get deleted! So what we’ll be doing here in the future is having our “official” Instagram located at and we’ll be sharing a few pictures of our products but most likely will be adding our event images and what not on there. THEN we will be a bit more aggressive with burner accounts. As a marketer first I will try to do things within the rules of a platform but if they remove us or the content despite being within my legal rights to be sharing such information, then I/we just won’t play by the rules with these other accounts.

I’m sure if you’ve been in the social or marketing world long enough you’ll know what we are talking about and how it is quite frustrating. But this will not stop us from building our brand out and if you have a similar company I hope you will always get back up and dust yourself off after such things.

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Moving into Thanksgiving we will continue to run our free shipping. Probably will until mid Dec sometime. So be sure to take advantage of that, we’ve had a lot of sales where this free coupon was not utilized. It’s not much but it is something, don’t pay more than you have to!

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  • Yeah dude, instagram can be brutal to mj and hemp accounts, wish they would relax it’s legal now!