(2019) Black Friday + Cyber Monday 15% OFF Hemp Cigars

get 15 percent off hemp productsTis the Season for 15% OFF Hemp Cigars

We usually reserve these types of discounts to our social and email subscribers. Since this is our first year with a functioning E commerce platform we’re celebrating with you by offering 15% OFF. But not just Hemp Cigars everything on Acme Hemp Labs.

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This deal will last until Cyber Monday and then will be de-activated.

Happy Thanksgiving from Acme Hemp Labs

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Acme Hemp Labs Team

We are the first and original gourmet hemp cigar company based out of Colorado established in 2010.

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  • Sezo Peraz says:

    God I think I just fell in love with hemp cigars, I’ve yet smoked one either!

    • Haha, when we first started someone said something very similar on Reddit… “A Magar (a marijuana version of the hemp cigar) is my favorite thing, and I’ve never even had one”.

  • PikaPica says:

    dude these hemp cigars look rad as fuck man!

  • Beautiful Bunny says:

    Are you going to have another black friday sale for your hemp cigars?

  • Calvin K. says:

    Where the hemp cigar minis bro?

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    50 off for hemp cigars

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