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Last Chance Hemp Cigar Sale – Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday last chance hemp cigar sale

A bunch of Hemp CigarsHigh CBD Cigars – 15% OFF

So the time has come for us to about shut down this crazy weekend of deals and too much left over turkey. We’ve had some good giveaways, some bonus gifts for ordering and of course the 15% off, which is something we won’t be doing again possibly till next year. That is if the USDA doesn’t destroy the hemp industry before that!

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So with that said, I think it’s time for you to try a hemp cigar or one of our hemperette (gourmet hemp cigarettes). We will probably have some discounts moving into Christmas no doubt, however it will probably be for X amount of products purchased instead of just a flat 15% no matter what you order. So if you just want to give these a go, then this would be your best bet.

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If you’re getting something like 1 Mini or 1 Hemperette or even just 1 Frodo it might be best to sign up for our newsletter and get free shipping instead. Our shipping prices are based around how much it costs us to ship so it’s very reasonable however you might save more money by getting that free shipping coupon instead.

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Moving into the Future

So our main update is that we are stepping it up with our wholesalers so that perhaps one day you can just run down the street and grab one instead of having to order online. That’s the main home run type goal which is win/win/win for everyone of course. BUT, there is a lot of ground to cover so if you have a liquor store, cigar store or dispensary that you would like to see pick up our product line let them know and have them contact us with their information and we’ll reach out.

We run a fair and balance ship here at Acme Hemp Labs with everyone, employees, customers, affiliates and wholesalers so if you help us we’ll help you with a finders fee of sorts. That could be cash percentage of wholesale purchased or products, we want to be partners with everyone involved even with our customers as we know we’re only here because of you!

If you happen to be someone with a relevant following or a following you feel would love to try our hemp cigars then I encourage you to sign up as an affiliate and get paid for each referral you send our way. It does require us to look over your application as only so many can apply, but it’s free and we are fairly open with most situations.

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So that’s it, grab up some smokes for you, your family or that nutty best friend you’ve had since you were a kid and enjoy the holidays into 2020!

COUPON CODE: BlackFriday

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