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Acme Hemp Labs Hemp Cigars are NOT Palm Leaf, Blunts or Wraps!

Palm Leaf Hemp Cigars Hemp Wraps and Hemp Blunts

Who Are We and What Do We Truly Offer?

Acme Hemp Labs has been rolling marijuana and hemp cigars for around 10 years now.

— Want to know what Acme Hemp Labs hemp cigars are not? Read till the PS at the end of this article. —

palm leaf hemp blunts and wraps

From Palm Leaf Hemp Cigars to
Hemp Wraps & Hemp Blunts…
This is NOT Who We Are!

Here at Acme Hemp Labs we’ve found an amazing method that creates beautifully created smoking master pieces such as our 100% hemp cigar that anyone can afford and most of the USA, Canada and parts of Europe can enjoy (minus a few select states/countries). The big challenge we’ve found is helping people understand the difference between marijuana and hemp. Many people think hemp and immediately think of textiles, rope, oil etc. Nothing someone would want to smoke.

And you know, overall, you’re correct. 99% of the hemp grown is for industrial purposes and SHOULD NOT BE SMOKED and just like there are different strains and genetics of marijuana, so it is true with hemp. We work with hemp growers whose sole purpose is to create a legal .3% THC or lower / high CBD hemp flower. We also work with companies who follow strict organic practices to ensure that all the hemp flower we use is safe for human consumption.

The Difference Between Hemp Cigars and Marijuana Cigars

There is a difference obviously from a marijuana cigar (Magar) to a hemp cigar (Hegar). But, in the end our hemp cigars offer similar positive effects on the body and the mind. As one of our master rollers was quoted saying at the Indo Expo here in Colorado.

They have… “Euphoria without the Paranoia”

And it’s true, you literally do get the positive, stress relieving benefits that you would get from smoking marijuana when you smoke a high CBD hemp cigar or hemp cigarette. In the end, the hemp smoking niche has been more about educating than trying to all out sell. Hemp flower is the next generation of smoking. Period. It’s just a fact and because of that, we’ve been perfecting our craft so that you’re not forced to spend $75-$100+ on a hand-rolled hemp cigar like other brands out there. We have become the industry standard and always will be.

This isn’t just a hobby or a side project. WE ARE completely in it first for our flag ship product, which is the Hegar (hemp cigar). You won’t find quality or affordability like us any where else… and we’ll keep it that way! We’ve been in the business the longest and we’re not going anywhere!


Our Main Hemp Cigar and Cigarette Products:

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Acme Hemp Labs


Palm Leaf Hemp Cigars Are NOT Hemp Cigars..
Just as Hemp Blunt and Hemp Wraps ARE NOT.
They Are Palm Leaf Cigars, They Hemp Blunts and Wraps…

There IS a Difference:

We are not a blunt, we are not a wrap, we are not a fake wannabe palm leaf hemp cigar. We are not using the “Ariel” ground up roots & leaf parts of the hemp plant like most smokeable hemp companies out there.

A legitimate 100% hemp cigar company rolling our cigars with high CBD hemp flower and wrapped with hemp leaf. The real deal.


Cari Carmona

"...thanks again for the Hemp ​Cigar! It was so great and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference honestly if no one told you it wasn't THC. Wow what an amazing product you have..."

Cari Carmona - High Times

- They Are Amazing -

...I got the [hemp cigars] I ordered last week – they are amazing – I will be letting everyone we know what you offer ...they are very very smooth – no cough ...and they [hemp cigars] last a long time.

Again, thank you.

Martha Skiersch

Woah, Really?? Amazing!

My husband and I purchased a bunch of Frodo and Primo hemp cigars back in January for our wedding after party. We were all completely blown away and it really topped off our special day. Cheers!

Jennifer & Jake M.


Andy and the company are the best things ever. I love the way they taste and the customer service is 100% recommend to all my friends in the area.

Samantha Burress


Love your hemp product. It’s awesome!


Lady McGregor

Brilliant! The Hegar is the next step and generation of smoking pleasure. As I'm holding in my hand now, I'm enjoying the scent and the feel of everything that stems from this master piece. The high CBD hemp flower is truly some of the best I've had in the category of "hemp". Good stuff guy, seriously!

Lady McGregor - Ecommerce

Morson Morter

We purchased some for a family and friends get together and it tied the party together PERFECTLY. Don't stop what you're doing!

Morson Morter - Self-Help

Reddit Review

These are my favorite things and I've never even had one!

Reddit Review

The high CBD really creates a great smoke.

I wasn't sure when I first purchased your hemp cigars. I actually never knew that something like that could even exist let alone be something that I would enjoy. The smoke was perfect! It also had a nice body high that kept me relaxed but level headed. The high CBD really creates a great smoke.

Martin Barry

Sven Red

Hey guys, I met you first at the St. Patricks day event. I have to let you know I've been anxiously waiting to purchase your hemp cigars again. I hope to be able to start purchasing these cigars every time I have an event up at my ranch.

Sven Red - Construction

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