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50% OFF Site Wide Hemp Cigar Discount

get 50% off site wide hemp cigar discount

50 off for hemp cigarsAnxious About Big C? Or on the Fence About Hemp Cigars?

Over the last 2 weeks or so now we’ve just been bombarded with repeat orders. At first we thought it to be a bit odd, isn’t everyone supposed to be hoarding up in their house buying toilet paper instead of hemp cigars and hemp cigarettes? Well, I guess it doesn’t take much to educate someone when they have tried a hemp cigar from Acme Hemp Labs. I suppose we can’t blame all those repeat orders, we’ve been smoking up the hemperettes and Frodo hemp cigars a bit more than we usually do as well. But because it finally dawned on us, we decided the only thing we can do to help not only educate but to relieve stress for others was to drop our prices just above our new wholesale prices to give people an chance to give our products a go, and to also chill the hell out.

Hemp Cigars and Hemperettes Can Help You Relax!

As everyone knows, or at least should… and hey, if you don’t know, you’re going to learn now. If you’re getting pissed, stressed or anxious about the crazy ass things going on in the world right now then you should either be smoking pot or ordering a hemp cigar from us. Why? Well I find it funny everyone goes running for the liquor during a time of sickness. Uh, bad idea if you’re a germa-phob. Alcohol can destroy your immune system! Then if you’re worried about the Big C or the flu or anything else, your immune system will be compromised more so than usual. So if you’re looking to do everything possible to avoid getting sick, it’s probably better to work with smoking CBD than drinking yourself under the table… Of course… “Our opinion”. Right!? Hah.

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High CBD Hemp Cigars + Products – Our Gift to the World

Be it that we started this company to not only of course make a living, we also created Acme 420 and Acme Hemp Labs to offer the opportunity for something different and dare I say it, “safer” than say a tobacco cigar? Well I’m going to say that because screw it. Doesn’t mean they are 100% safe, but in my opinion I’ve yet to see any kind of study that shows them to be anything like tobacco, of course anyone in the MJ niche or is a user could sit down and argue that point all day long. But, with that out of the way we also wanted to offer something to the world that will make a true impact for social and personal relaxation methods. So since the Big C showed up and just wrecked the place, be it legitimate or an economic/power grab *hint*, these are quite the tools to be used during times of stress and anxiousness.

Break Down of the New Costs of our Hemp Cigar Products WITH DISCOUNT:

  • Primo Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $48Now: $24 — Difference $17! (5 Pack Price: $22.50 a piece)
  • Frodo Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $35Now: $17.50 — Difference $10! (5 Pack Price: $16.50 a piece)
  • Mini Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $12Now: $6 — Difference $3! (5 Pack Price: $5.50 a piece)
  • Hemperette Hemp CigarettesUsed to Be: $3.50Now: $1.75 — Difference $1.50! (5 Pack Price: $1.50 a piece)

Until Further Notice – Grab em’

So with that said, it’s not some outright noble thing, of course we’re making some cash still, we wouldn’t do / couldn’t do it without that, however if you’ve been on the fence or your flipping your frick’n lid, everything on our site is 50% OFF… (another hint, grab some CBD oil, it’s among the best despite or crap looking brand label at the moment)

So don’t get sick by stressing yourself out, then thinking you have big C if you get the sniffles. Get some hemp cigars, smoke em’ up, relax, do yoga.. breathe deep, watch some awesome uplifting stuff, read a good book, listen to an audio book (<- get two free audio books from my favorite providers here), work on yourself or your business during this time. Don’t stop improving, this is a great time to fast track some projects or self improvement you’ve been wanting to get to!

Now you can do it smoking the most luxurious and sought after cannabis product on the market!

-Acme Hemp Labs

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Hemp Cigars Price Drop – The Best Flower at the Cheapest Prices

Affordable Hemp Cigars

Get better prices on your hemp smokeablesHigh Quality Hemp Cigars at
a Fraction of the Price

Our goal here at Acme Hemp Labs is to NEVER compromise our quality and because of that our prices have been at a fair level especially for what we’ve been delivering to you, our customer. Even despite our competitors selling hemp cigars wrapped with leaf too, we’ve managed to still be much more affordable, but we’re putting ourselves light years away from our competitors once again, we can now offer our hemp cigars at an even lower price.

Why? Would we lower prices for hemp cigars?

Because we believe everyone deserves to be able to smoke a hemp cigar more than just at special events. We believe these could be something many could enjoy weekly or even daily. But the reason we were able to lower our price is because we’ve been able to obtain the BEST and the most affordable hemp flower to date that works with how we roll these hand made hemp cigars. We have a special process and we must have specific types of hemp that allow it to smoke great while being able to still roll with it.#1 The Best Hemp flower and hemp cigars image

What are some of the inner secrets to the hemp flower we use?

  • That means it needs to be fluffy
  • It needs to be without seeds
  • It needs to be pre-trimmed and low on twigs/sticks inside the flower
  • It needs to have some humidity but not a lot
  • It needs to burn and ash in a specific manner
  • It needs to weigh X amount while slightly broken up and splayed over a given area
  • It must be able to burn once lit but not forever
  • And many other specific factors.
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So because we managed to get that we’ve been able to cut costs on our products, we are getting this hemp flower at the best cost we’ve been given thus far and because we can spend much less time working on rolling and cleaning the hemp flower, we literally have a larger balance to work with, so we are passing on the saving to you our customer, which is of course a no brainer and we will continue to as we can moving forward with Acme Hemp Labs.

cigar shop with hemp cigarsSo How Much More Affordable Are Acme Hemp Labs Hemp Cigars?

Well, to be honest we have a long way to go in being able to offer these at even more affordable rates because that’s our goal at all times. Of course we started this because we love the industry and we love our product and we believe it’s a desirable smoking experience most will want to try and enjoy for the rest of their lives. Because of that you’ll never see us at rates like that of blunts or wraps.


Because we are NOT a blunt and we are NOT a wrap. Our hemp cigars and MJ versions are ALWAYS rolled with fan leaf of the plant. We are as legit as one can come, we literally (LITERALLY) started the cannagar industry back in 2010.  We were the first in Colorado dispensaries, we were first of our kind to be seen amongst High Time conventions that rolled into Colorado in those early years. We’ve been posted all over the internet among some major names in the industry, one (not being in the business any longer) was Tokin Daily, he helped get us all across the internet/world because of the videos he did for us and we are extremely grateful, however because of this we got better and better and better, until 10 years later our hemp cigars and marijuana cigars have completely passed all the others on the market.

Again, our goal is to offer the best and the best prices available for such a high quality gourmet product without shrinking back on quality EVER. So know, we will never be the cheapest in terms of smokes you can choose from but when you try our hemp cigars you’ll understand why many end up coming back over and over again to Acme Hemp Labs and Acme 420.

Break Down of the New Costs of our Hemp Cigar Products:

  • Primo Hemp CigarsUse to Be: $65Now: $48 — Difference $17! (5 Pack Price: $45 a piece)
  • Frodo Hemp CigarsUse to Be: $45Now: $35 — Difference $10! (5 Pack Price: $33 a piece)
  • Mini Hemp CigarsUse to Be: $15Now: $12 — Difference $3! (5 Pack Price: $11 a piece)
  • Hemperette Hemp CigarettesUse to Be: $6Now: $3.50 — Difference $1.50! (5 Pack Price: $3 a piece)

So with all that said we are very excited about our new prices and we will continue to trim the fat and pass the savings to you!

Acme Hemp Labs

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Growing a Hemp Business Online

How to grow a hemp business online

Businesswoman for hemp giving presentation to colleagues in creative office spaceBuilding a Hemp Business Online

It’s been rather interesting for us here at Acme Hemp Labs while we’ve been building our hemp business, not only online but offline. We’ve been a dominate force for many in the industry not only in hemp but the marijuana side of things as well. Being we’ve helped bring industry leaders like Folium Biosciences to River Rock and even SwisherSweets and many others the much needed guidance and expertise that Acme Hemp is all about.

So just like eveyone knows there are offline challenges for business (duh)… but know that it’s similar online, we’ve been trying to figure out social media and how to properly promote a hemp based business. Although hemp is completely legal at least at a Federal level we’ve been having some issues within platforms like Instagram. We had a fairly active instagram back last year but it got deleted for selling marijuana. Well, we don’t sell marijuana and there was no where on any of our posts saying so.

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But, guess what?

Instagram DOESN’T CARE!

Denver CO Indo ExpoEvents for Marijuana and Hemp in Denver

Recently I was at the Indo Expo and attended an Instagram event where the speaker listed TONS of things that you must avoid when using the platform. Well he made a killer arguement showing WHY you need to be on Instagram right now. BUT at the same time if you’re a marijuana or hemp business, you’re going to constantly be in fear of the landlord from busting down your door and killing your party.

Now in his way of doing things he showed some product here and there in his feed, but he said that you need to avoid doing business over DM, over comments, you shouldn’t post prices etc. BUT, I also found another MJ Instagram marketer who says to NEVER even show your product. So what is it? How do you make this mess of Instagram work for you? Well this is what I’m doing…

I have burner accounts that I use with different IP addresses and I still try to maintain inside the rules of Instagram but on these burner accounts I link over to our main Instagram page which is going to be kosher, both sides of things just showing the team, events etc. However I will be posting some of our product images because I see the instagram page not working very well unless people understand what we do. And that’s just a risk reward I need to play out here.

But the burners are for posting a lot more of the product images and mentioning the main page. These burner accounts are for slightly suggesting business with other instagramers. But here I will not add prices or a list of products or any kind of information that could come back to bite the account in the butt.

hemp business in Colorado and onlineSEO Marketing Online for Hemp and Marijuana

When it comes to SEO, well that’s been easy. Being I’ve been in the industry for almost as long as the hemp and marijuana industry I’ve been studying Search Engine Optimization through some of the best mentorship groups available to the public, which were not cheap, but guess who ranks for hemp cigars/hemp cigar? We do. Yes we are the better choice and sure that’s my opinion but, who do you know whose been working hemp and marijuana cigars for 10 years? We’re the best because we’ve paid the price and I firmly believe with all my heart we deserve to be number 1…

But guess what?

Google Doesn’t CARE!

So learning SEO is super helpful with your business online because although social media is the next generation when it comes to the internet, search WILL ALWAYS be apart of the internet, you can have much more control through SEO despite yes, again you’re building your house on someone elses lawn (to quote the Instagram Marketer at Indo Expo) but unless you actually provoke a response physically by Google you’re riding the way of their algorithm.

Using social and SEO for hemp businessesSo here is a few things you can do offline and online:

1st Get your social accounts and brand the hell out of yourself, most companies at best have a twitter, instagram or facebook… not all of them, if you were to brand yourself across the net through the top even just 10-20 social profiles you’d be ahead of the curve. So what about Acme Hemp Labs? Well in total we probably have a 1000+ social profiles pointing to our website to better brand our name and what we are doing. Safe…? Always. Will never not be safe. Who the hell is going to tell businesses to not go about the internet and advertise themselves and use other websites?

Well if Google did that it would shoot itself in the foot for taking down REAL BUSINESSES, which would leave the spammers to run the internet.

You can hire me and my SEO team to help you do this or you can learn to do it. Visit Honorable SEO and you’ll see a tid bit about what I do called “Ranking through Branding“. I teach and sell the service. It’s about the same amount for both however if you learn how to do it you can do it over and over again. So it’s worth it.

2nd thing is to go to events and promote yourself, get a booth etc.

3rd use your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Pinterest etc and follow the rules as carefully as possible but know that sometimes you got to weigh the risks of pushing yourself out there futher with some of these. I’m mostly talking about Instagram. Other platforms seem to not really care as much about that, again unless you’re doing something you shouldn’t. I would follow some of these rules at least a little bit and bit a bit less aggressive, but in turn enjoy a long life of your social accounts.

Here is a few of ours (We’ll be getting our new Instagram built back up after getting deleted):

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If you would like to work with us in a Wholesale or Affiliate manner please read out page about that here.

If you’d like to try these products you can visit our hemp cigar page here.

Once our Podcast start we are looking for people in the industry to speak with so if you’d like to consider someone or yourself please reach out here.

Acme Hemp Labs

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Indo Expo in Denver, Colorado with Acme Hemp Labs

Acme Hemp Labs Visits the Indo Expo

This last weekend here in Colorado, Acme Hemp Labs sent out to mingle with businesses and consumers alike. We’ve managed to find some of the best growers in the United States and made some great connections throughout the entire industry. So what if anything will be different moving forward with Acme Hemp Labs? Well being that we have been introduced to some of the best growers in the world of hemp right now we are excited to be talking with the Sountern Sota Growers at Dreamin Farms.  They won actually two awards at the Indo Expo, I believe extract and best smokeable hemp flower.

Their strain called “Rhubarb Pie” is EXCELLENT. We were given a little jar of it to check it out. Seeing these guys win was awesome, I’m trilled to see a lot of growers outside Colorado really dialing in some great smokeable product. So we’ll be eventually reaching out to these guys and rolling up some this year with their award winner. We also found some great logistic companies that we’ll be using for printing, wholesale systems for our current wholesalers and we’ll be merging in a new affiliate system so we can offer lifetime commissions, tiered affiliate CPAs and a lot more. If you’ve never been to an expo like Indo and you’re a hemp or MJ nerd or business, then I think you would find it rather interesting.


Picture of the Team with Liz
Liz Martinez in the Middle. Our newest social media manager



A slick setup of some of the material from indo expo
Some Swag and Acme Hemp Lab Pass Outs



Indo Expo Acme Hemp Labs
The crew with one of our in house promoters.


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Marketing Geniuses and Business Failures

While we were there I was walking around with our newest social media mangers Elizabeth Martinez and it was amazing to see a lot of different automatic bud trimmers were being shown off. TWO out of the three that we saw had HUGE red carpet treatment, paid for the middle of the isles in the back part of the expo. Well, there was another company at the very EDGE in the BACK! They were putting on demonstrations and every time we walked back that way we noticed it was packed compared to the larger booths. It’s amazing how you can pay to be put in front of everyone but that doesn’t mean a thing if you can garner a crowd. The other companies were sitting there on their own talking in the middle in a closed circle completely blocking out any possible respective customers. Also saw this a lot with other booths, some people would completely ignore you.

So I guess the point is, if you’re going to pay a ton of money to advertiser your products, you got to also advertiser yourself don’t screw up such great opportunities!!

Future Acme Hemp Labs Events

After coming into the expo and sharing a bit of the hemp cigars with everyone there, we saw a strong positive reaction towards our product. We’ve been apart of a lot of different events in the past with the Magars (Marijuana Cigars) however we’ll be a regular moving forward with the Indo Expo, really great people all around. The next event we believe will be the St. Patrick’s Day parade down near Coors Field in Denver. We were there last year and we’ll be there this year! Elizabeth will actually be working on creating an on-site pod-cast, so keep a look out for that in March 2020!

– Acme Hemp Labs

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