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50% OFF Site Wide Hemp Cigar Discount

get 50% off site wide hemp cigar discount

50 off for hemp cigarsAnxious About Big C? Or on the Fence About Hemp Cigars?

Over the last 2 weeks or so now we’ve just been bombarded with repeat orders. At first we thought it to be a bit odd, isn’t everyone supposed to be hoarding up in their house buying toilet paper instead of hemp cigars and hemp cigarettes? Well, I guess it doesn’t take much to educate someone when they have tried a hemp cigar from Acme Hemp Labs. I suppose we can’t blame all those repeat orders, we’ve been smoking up the hemperettes and Frodo hemp cigars a bit more than we usually do as well. But because it finally dawned on us, we decided the only thing we can do to help not only educate but to relieve stress for others was to drop our prices just above our new wholesale prices to give people an chance to give our products a go, and to also chill the hell out.

Hemp Cigars and Hemperettes Can Help You Relax!

As everyone knows, or at least should… and hey, if you don’t know, you’re going to learn now. If you’re getting pissed, stressed or anxious about the crazy ass things going on in the world right now then you should either be smoking pot or ordering a hemp cigar from us. Why? Well I find it funny everyone goes running for the liquor during a time of sickness. Uh, bad idea if you’re a germa-phob. Alcohol can destroy your immune system! Then if you’re worried about the Big C or the flu or anything else, your immune system will be compromised more so than usual. So if you’re looking to do everything possible to avoid getting sick, it’s probably better to work with smoking CBD than drinking yourself under the table… Of course… “Our opinion”. Right!? Hah.

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High CBD Hemp Cigars + Products – Our Gift to the World

Be it that we started this company to not only of course make a living, we also created Acme 420 and Acme Hemp Labs to offer the opportunity for something different and dare I say it, “safer” than say a tobacco cigar? Well I’m going to say that because screw it. Doesn’t mean they are 100% safe, but in my opinion I’ve yet to see any kind of study that shows them to be anything like tobacco, of course anyone in the MJ niche or is a user could sit down and argue that point all day long. But, with that out of the way we also wanted to offer something to the world that will make a true impact for social and personal relaxation methods. So since the Big C showed up and just wrecked the place, be it legitimate or an economic/power grab *hint*, these are quite the tools to be used during times of stress and anxiousness.

Break Down of the New Costs of our Hemp Cigar Products WITH DISCOUNT:

  • Primo Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $48Now: $24 — Difference $17! (5 Pack Price: $22.50 a piece)
  • Frodo Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $35Now: $17.50 — Difference $10! (5 Pack Price: $16.50 a piece)
  • Mini Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $12Now: $6 — Difference $3! (5 Pack Price: $5.50 a piece)
  • Hemperette Hemp CigarettesUsed to Be: $3.50Now: $1.75 — Difference $1.50! (5 Pack Price: $1.50 a piece)

Until Further Notice – Grab em’

So with that said, it’s not some outright noble thing, of course we’re making some cash still, we wouldn’t do / couldn’t do it without that, however if you’ve been on the fence or your flipping your frick’n lid, everything on our site is 50% OFF… (another hint, grab some CBD oil, it’s among the best despite or crap looking brand label at the moment)

So don’t get sick by stressing yourself out, then thinking you have big C if you get the sniffles. Get some hemp cigars, smoke em’ up, relax, do yoga.. breathe deep, watch some awesome uplifting stuff, read a good book, listen to an audio book (<- get two free audio books from my favorite providers here), work on yourself or your business during this time. Don’t stop improving, this is a great time to fast track some projects or self improvement you’ve been wanting to get to!

Now you can do it smoking the most luxurious and sought after cannabis product on the market!

-Acme Hemp Labs

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