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50% OFF Gourmet Hemp Cigarettes 6 Hours Only

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A 5 Pack of Hemp Cigarettes Called HemperettesFriday Half OFF Sale Starts in 1 Hour for Hemp Cigarettes

Greeting, so today we’ll be putting on the first sale of December which is 50% OFF a pack of 5 high CBD gourmet hemperette hemp cigarettes. Which comes out to around $12 for a 5 pack which is huge in all terms across the internet when it comes to REAL gourmet hemp cigarettes. So here is your chance to either try some for yourself or gift a bunch for Christmas this year.

Or you can jump on our Facebook fan page, we’ll be getting our Instagram rolling again here shortly. If you were not aware Instagram didn’t like us promoting hemp cigars like we were on Instagram, you can read about it here. Very exciting :/

If hemp cigarettes are not your thing then you can check the promotional schedule. But don’t worry if you’re following us or on our promo & give away newsletter then we’ll let you know when these discounts show up.

The schedule goes:

  • On the 6th 6pm to 12am Hemperettes will be 50% OFF when you buy 5.
  • On the 13th 6pm to 12am Mini Hemp Cigars will be 50% OFF when you buy 5.
  • On the 20th 6pm to 12am Frodo Cigars will be 50% OFF when you buy 5.
  • On the 27th 6pm to 12am Primo Cigars will be 50% OFF when you buy 5.

To grab up your coupon to take advantage of this Holiday Promotional for hemp cigarettes, then sign up below:

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We’ll probably be doing some kind of content or give-away promo as well that will be noted at a later time. Last time we did a blackfriday meme contest and although a lot of people liked the post, only 4 people participated which meant out of the 4, 3 won. So that’s good news to anyone who wants to score free AHL products.

So with all that fun stuff said. There is not much more to say today, so be sure to jump on our promo email, get on Facebook or if you’re already are, wait till 6pm Mountain Time and I’ll be sending out some coupons on FB and Email.

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