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Friday the 13th Mini Hemp Cigar 50% OFF Sale

Get 50% Mini Hemp Cigars Today Only

50% OFF Hemp CigarsStarting at 6pm Today Get 50% OFF Mini Hemp Cigars!

So today is the day we start our 18 hour (up from 6 hours) sale for any Mini hemp cigars over a 5 pack. So you could order 50 and get 50% OFF each one. We are doing this to celebrate for Christmas and New Years and our just recent (Mid Nov) opening of our products online (and possibly a fix in our ordering system (fingers crossed)). However we are looking to trim back our deals and sales quite a bit starting next year as we are already catching up with our back-stock from the many hemp cigar wholesalers we’ve been signing on, SO please take advantage while you can and try a hemp cigar today while we are over stocked. We’ll be updating our locations page starting next year and you can check there to see if you can physically go pick up a hemp cigar.

But for the rest of the month you’ll be able to score some pretty good deals, we even had a buy one get one sale that we did on Tuesday, without notice. So it’s a good idea to be on our Facebook page or better yet our promotional email list. Which you can sign up for below. We will also think of any good contests or give-aways this month as well, still have not yet decided how we’ll do that. BUT, we did have a Black Friday Meme contest we did and gave away a Frodo a Mini and a Hemperette. We like to have fun as much as possible with these give-aways, so if you have any idea on what we should do hit us up on Facebook or contact us here.

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Hemp Mini CigarMini Hemp Cigars

I personally love Mini hemp cigars for short walks here in the mountains of Colorado. However if you have a bunch of people going with you I’d get a Frodo hemp cigar. But for a personal smoke these are great and they are the only hemp cigars we have flavored. Cool thing about the flavorings is there are actually REAL, except for the cherry and blueberry. So if you’re looking to get a more all natural smoking experience then stir clear of those. I (the web/marketing/co-founder guy) keep fighting for REAL flavorings, not weird petrol made garbage. So now you know, there is someone in the inner circle fighting to always make sure we are producing the cleanest smoking experience that you can find online…. Don’t worry I’ll get those other flavors cleaned up as well.

So be sure to check your email or our Facebook account around 6pm tonight mountain time and we’ll have a coupon up to take advantage of this 50% OFF sale.

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December Hemp Cigar – Weekly Promos

great discounts for hemp cigars this december 2019

2019 December Hemp Cigar Promotional

get awesome discounts this winterSo we’ve been rolling around some ideas for December for what kind of deals we’ll be doing (and you can scroll down to the bottom to see them). Of course we’ll be always doing something in all honesty it’s just the way we want to do our business. Because right now we’re working to build our brand and our relationship with you, and how we can do what we are doing better in every way possible. So every chance to serve you, our customer, you’re giving us a little bit more experience to make what we are doing better for you, us and everyone else that tries a hemp cigar in the future!

Quality Increases while Prices Drop!

Being that our hemp cigars are priced around how much it costs to simply just BUY the hemp flower, we are really giving you a hell of a deal already! Why do we do that? Because we know in the end it’s all about you the customer and the experience. The more we can be a quality provider of alternative hemp smoking products for you the better we get, the faster we become and the more affordable in the end that our product becomes, so our goal literally is to help as many people understand that HEMP cigars are NOT what you initially think.

You’re Not Smoking Your Grandpa’s Hemp Rope!

Me smoking a hemp cigar
Here I am enjoying a smoke filled room while test smoking an aromatic/flavored Primo (coming next year)

I’ll be honest with you about my own smoking habits. When I was in my early 20’s I smoked weed for awhile, especially while working construction (digging holes and what not) and when working out and after. But at a certain point either I just couldn’t handle it or the weed in Colorado was just getting too damn strong, I became a 1 toke Tommy really fast it seemed. Either way I stopped smoking for a long while, but then once we here at Acme Hemp Labs (Acme 420) started rolling these hemp cigars I started smoking again and I found that I get ALL the positive points of smoking the high CBD hemp cigars that got from smoking weed, of course without the shot to the moon anxious feeling I would get.

Don’t get me wrong though, I actually got to the point where I got high, but it wasn’t from the THC, I believe it’s from the CBD and the other complexities of our hemp cigars syn-energized and created a grade A smoking experience, the THC levels in all our products are below the .3% THC. Instead of the anxiety that I would get from actually getting high with marijuana this high was what I always felt like I should have felt while smoking weed (what was always being portrayed on TV, magazines etc).

When I smoke hemp cigars I get HAPPY and giddy, a roll of the back type of attitude in a good way and a positive look towards the past, current and future events. Don’t get me wrong I’ve had this when I smoked a lot too but not to this degree.

SO. I challenge you to try a hemp cigar and truly see for yourself, because I get it all day long:

“I don’t, nor do I know ANYONE that smokes hemp!” <- actual quote!

Well funny being that most people that sit down and smoke one have a quick change of heart, and with our December promotional discounts it will help you either

A. Be able to try a hemp cigar yourself for a huge discount or

B. Get a hell of a deal for some Christmas presents for someone you know would love to try them too!

These literally are lose leaders for us but we feel it’s a win/win for everyone involved because we truly believe you’ll experience smoking at a completely new level with our products and you’ll refer others over to us friends and family as well as purchase from us again!

The plan for our promotional discounts goes as follows:

The schedule goes:

  • On the 6th 6pm to 12am Hemperettes will be 50% OFF when you buy 5.
  • On the 13th 6pm to 12am Mini Hemp Cigars will be 50% OFF when you buy 5.
  • On the 20th 6pm to 12am Frodo Cigars will be 50% OFF when you buy 5.
  • On the 27th 6pm to 12am Primo Cigars will be 50% OFF when you buy 5.

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Take advantage of Free Shipping, Giveaways, Contests, Business Opportunities, Employment and more with our promotional news letter.


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PS: Again, Coupon Codes Will Be Delivered in Your Inbox or on Facebook an Hour Before the Promotional