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The End: 50% OFF Hemp Cigars

cbd hemp cigars

50 off for hemp cigarsThe 50% OFF Hemp Cigar Sale Ends on June 1st 12:00am

So today I was answering some questions that we get throughout the day and I was asked… again, if this site wide promo sale will be getting extended.

The quick and to the point answer is no.

However a good thing has come from us working with 50% OFF for over two months. We are finding more ways to decrease our costs so we can offer that difference to you moving forward. So although we will not be able to offer hemp cigars at the current prices forever, we are refining our costs downwards like I said we would when we first took online orders last year.

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So there is a silver lining! 3 actually!

  1. You can still purchase hemp cigars/CBD hemp cigarettes for 50% OFF till the end of the month
    – Primo Hemp Cigars
    – Frodo Hemp Cigars
    – Mini Hemp Cigars
    – Hemperette Hemp Cigarettes
  2. We’re going to be able to begin work on our Aromatic Hemp Cigars, which will be blended with oils and herbs to offer different flavors for Frodos and Primos next month and hopefully have them out before Autumn!
  3. Moving forward there will be a price decrease overall for our smokeable hemp products on Acme Hemp Labs.

Be sure to take advantage while you still can, as you have about 3 days left before this sale is over for good. But there is always good news on the horizon, more unique products are to come for those who are adventerous enough to try something new, but we’ll ALWAYS be sporting on flag shipping products like we have up above. We’re also looking into doing mini-collaborations with some popular flavored cigar brands out there — not Swisher blunts type of flavored either! REAL professionally flavored cigars, with real herbs and fruits and oils! This is a bit different from our Trademark brands called Acme Aromatics.

We are having tons of fun and we are super happy to be able to have offered this to you, we’re floored by how many people are making these unique smoking experiences a normal part of their routines. We at Acme Hemp Labs have always loved them and knew others would too, but the outreach we’ve been getting from companies to new customers has been amazing.

If you’ve not tried a CBD cigar yet, the time is now to take full advantage of our sale while it lasts.

ALSO, if you happen to have a following of any kind you can sign up with our affiliate program and make 30% off each and every sale. We also have it set so here in the future all past sales will be counted and those customers will be YOURS forever. With that said, we have a huge LTV (Long Term Value) as our product is quality and we’re affordable, so people return and they return often.

We take care of our customers and we continue to strive to better our product and our customer support, so you’ll know that who ever you share us with will be taken care of!

Acme Hemp Labs

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Looking to Buy Hemp Cigars? 50% OFF Sale – EXTENDED

Our hemp cigars promo has been extended banner

when shopping for hemp cigars online woman bagsHemp Cigar Sale Extension

Despite being told I have marketing control over Acme Hemp Labs and the hemp cigar division as that’s what I’ve been hired to do, the owner has decided to go against my advice and continue the 50% OFF site wide sale. Now even though this is good for you our customer, we sell about the same amount if the hemp cigars are priced at our normal prices believe it or not. But I guess it’s because the owner has a soft heart for the issues going on right now. Be it that true or not, I think he is crazy. Why do I think that though?

Lets go over a few things about our hemp cigars from the backend:

  • We sell just as much without the sale (maybe 10% up – not much)
  • Hemp Cigars are a complete pain in the ass to roll properly, they deserve a certain price
  • Wholesale and drop ship accounts ALSO get 50% OFF and they are selling beyond our full price!
  • Sometimes Acme Hemp Labs ends up eating the shipping fees and actually LOSES MONEY!
  • Why that happens is because we are offering FREE shipping to our first time customers!

Hemp Cigar Production Prices = Not Cheap

I’ve been in the hemp marketing niche for well over 10 years now (you can read about how to grow your hemp business here) for my own businesses as well as working with high end customer products and E-commerce businesses. This is certainly not the way you do this if you’re looking for a profitable business. Luckily it seems despite all this they are still in the green (profitable) enough to continue to offer this sale! So beyond that, lets discuss a few things about hemp cigars and how you the customer benefits in the short term (maybe throughout all of May).

Perks of Acme Hemp Labs – Hemp Cigars

  • The next hemp cigar brand that’s even sort of similar to ours is around 80$ to purchase
  • Our main goal is to always use farmers who practice organic methods
  • We always strive to get the very best and most affordable hemp flower so prices stay low.
  • Hemp cigars range from Minis (2grams), Frodos(4.5grams) and Primos(8grams).
  • Our site wide hemp cigar promo also extends to all of our other products.

Break Down of the New Costs of our Hemp Cigar Products WITH DISCOUNT:

  • Primo Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $48Now: $24 — Difference $17! (5 Pack Price: $22.50/a piece)
  • Frodo Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $35Now: $17.50 — Difference $10! (5 Pack Price: $16.50/a piece)
  • Mini Hemp CigarsUsed to Be: $12Now: $6 — Difference $3! (5 Pack Price: $5.50/a piece)
  • Hemperette Hemp CigarettesUsed to Be: $3.5Now: $1.75 — Difference $1.50! (5 Pack $1.50/a piece)

red white and blue hemp leaf imageSmoking Hemp Flower: Why Bother?

It seems over the last solid year, this business has been an educational type of business of sorts as well. We’ve been asked many times how one can even use hemp for a “hemp cigar”, not knowing that hemp grows just like marijuana. It grows into flowers and/or buds (slang from the industry/culture), it smokes, smells and tastes just like marijuana, however the hemp flower hemp cigars do not get you high like marijuana, they give you what I like to call a CBD high, which is a highly relaxed state where you are still fully conscious and aware of everything around you. I’d say it’s like cigarettes but instead of getting the jitters and raising your blood pressure and feeling a slight head high, you get the opposite with a body and mind “high” (not like marijuana though).

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Take Advantage While You Can

If you don’t want to try hemp cigars because you think there is no point because you won’t feel anything, let me explain again, YOU DO feel something!

  • You do get pain relief
  • You do get stress relief
  • You do sleep better
  • You do get a “head high”
  • You can still function after enjoying one (like a real cigar)

Rave Reviews for Acme Hemp Lab Cigars


Cari Carmona

"...thanks again for the Hemp ​Cigar! It was so great and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference honestly if no one told you it wasn't THC. Wow what an amazing product you have..."

Cari Carmona - High Times

- They Are Amazing -

...I got the [hemp cigars] I ordered last week – they are amazing – I will be letting everyone we know what you offer ...they are very very smooth – no cough ...and they [hemp cigars] last a long time.

Again, thank you.

Martha Skiersch

Woah, Really?? Amazing!

My husband and I purchased a bunch of Frodo and Primo hemp cigars back in January for our wedding after party. We were all completely blown away and it really topped off our special day. Cheers!

Jennifer & Jake M.


Andy and the company are the best things ever. I love the way they taste and the customer service is 100% recommend to all my friends in the area.

Samantha Burress


Love your hemp product. It’s awesome!


Lady McGregor

Brilliant! The Hegar is the next step and generation of smoking pleasure. As I'm holding in my hand now, I'm enjoying the scent and the feel of everything that stems from this master piece. The high CBD hemp flower is truly some of the best I've had in the category of "hemp". Good stuff guy, seriously!

Lady McGregor - Ecommerce

Morson Morter

We purchased some for a family and friends get together and it tied the party together PERFECTLY. Don't stop what you're doing!

Morson Morter - Self-Help

Reddit Review

These are my favorite things and I've never even had one!

Reddit Review

The high CBD really creates a great smoke.

I wasn't sure when I first purchased your hemp cigars. I actually never knew that something like that could even exist let alone be something that I would enjoy. The smoke was perfect! It also had a nice body high that kept me relaxed but level headed. The high CBD really creates a great smoke.

Martin Barry

Sven Red

Hey guys, I met you first at the St. Patricks day event. I have to let you know I've been anxiously waiting to purchase your hemp cigars again. I hope to be able to start purchasing these cigars every time I have an event up at my ranch.

Sven Red - Construction

Hemp cigars are amazing, and despite I totally disagree with this extend 50% off sale, you literally can try a mini for like $6~ or so with free shipping. Which you can sign up for above here.

Acme Hemp Labs

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Hemp and CBD Wholesale and Affiliate Opportunities

Dollar Bill Smoke Hemp Business Opportunities Wholesale and AffiliateWholesale and Affiliate Hemp Opportunities

Since the beginning of the year we’ve really ramped up our rolling and work to get more actual locations set across the USA holding hemp cigars as well as our overall wholesale hemp materials here in Colorado. So with that said, we are of course looking for more businesses who would like to also be apart of our network. Of course we have wholesale rates as well as 1 time sample packs for those interested that come out to be around 70% off.

Businesses that thrive with Acme Hemp Labs:

  • Liquor Stores
  • Clubs of all Kinds
  • Cigar and Cigarette Stores
  • Truck Stops
  • Dispensaries
  • Drugstores
  • Specialty Stores
  • Head shops
  • Event planning
  • Online stores

We’ve seen great results with cigar stores and lounges as well as liquor stores of all sizes. Most liquor stores now days unless they are huge are giving up their small humidors as no one is buying cigars like they use to, so we suggest you instead replace the humidor with hemp cigars and open up new optimization and growth inside your store.

Sign up as a wholesaler here.

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Be listed on Acme Hemp Labs

For those who do jump on as a wholesaler you’ll be listed in our locations section once it’s available in March. So not only will you be able to optimize your current customer base you’ll also be referred over by us so not only do you have the chance to get sales from our network, you’ll also be given a chance to get new customers for your business.

Sign up as a wholesaler here.

Know of a business near you that you want hemp cigars?

Even if you’re not a business you can get paid a referral fee for helping us secure new wholesale relationships in your area. You can contact us here, or on Facebook and we can work with you to get them placed near you and you’ll get paid as well!

Hemp/CBD Affiliate Opportunities

Got a base of customers or followers that would like to hear about hemp cigars? Then I would encourage you to check out our affiliate program and get paid for sharing with your base of traffic/followers. We’ll be releasing banners for advertising on forms and websites here shortly. This affiliate program for hemp cigars will help you monetize your followers with a new and trendy product that can be sold freely throughout the USA without fear of going to jail.

Same thing applies for the types of business that would do well with our hemp cigars, but it really opens up to a huge audience as a lot of people find them extremely interesting when they first see hemp cigars on a website (even when it’s not 100% niche related). For those looking for some assistance with CBD oil we recommend they have superior CBD oil that can be trusted!

To start sharing hemp cigars and getting paid click here and sign up for as affiliate.

-Acme Hemp Labs



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Friday the 13th Mini Hemp Cigar 50% OFF Sale

Get 50% Mini Hemp Cigars Today Only

50% OFF Hemp CigarsStarting at 6pm Today Get 50% OFF Mini Hemp Cigars!

So today is the day we start our 18 hour (up from 6 hours) sale for any Mini hemp cigars over a 5 pack. So you could order 50 and get 50% OFF each one. We are doing this to celebrate for Christmas and New Years and our just recent (Mid Nov) opening of our products online (and possibly a fix in our ordering system (fingers crossed)). However we are looking to trim back our deals and sales quite a bit starting next year as we are already catching up with our back-stock from the many hemp cigar wholesalers we’ve been signing on, SO please take advantage while you can and try a hemp cigar today while we are over stocked. We’ll be updating our locations page starting next year and you can check there to see if you can physically go pick up a hemp cigar.

But for the rest of the month you’ll be able to score some pretty good deals, we even had a buy one get one sale that we did on Tuesday, without notice. So it’s a good idea to be on our Facebook page or better yet our promotional email list. Which you can sign up for below. We will also think of any good contests or give-aways this month as well, still have not yet decided how we’ll do that. BUT, we did have a Black Friday Meme contest we did and gave away a Frodo a Mini and a Hemperette. We like to have fun as much as possible with these give-aways, so if you have any idea on what we should do hit us up on Facebook or contact us here.

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Take advantage of Free Shipping, Giveaways, Contests, Business Opportunities, Employment and more with our promotional news letter.

Hemp Mini CigarMini Hemp Cigars

I personally love Mini hemp cigars for short walks here in the mountains of Colorado. However if you have a bunch of people going with you I’d get a Frodo hemp cigar. But for a personal smoke these are great and they are the only hemp cigars we have flavored. Cool thing about the flavorings is there are actually REAL, except for the cherry and blueberry. So if you’re looking to get a more all natural smoking experience then stir clear of those. I (the web/marketing/co-founder guy) keep fighting for REAL flavorings, not weird petrol made garbage. So now you know, there is someone in the inner circle fighting to always make sure we are producing the cleanest smoking experience that you can find online…. Don’t worry I’ll get those other flavors cleaned up as well.

So be sure to check your email or our Facebook account around 6pm tonight mountain time and we’ll have a coupon up to take advantage of this 50% OFF sale.

Acme Hemp Labs