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Black Friday Meme Contest Results

A funny meme contest for blackfriday
funny black friday meme
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So Black Friday is OVER. Nice. NOICE!!

So we threw a tiny little contest on our Facebook page for Black Friday it was super spur of the moment and it was great the feedback we got.

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So we went ahead and had people share some funny Black Friday memes, 1st place received a Frodo Hemp Cigar, 2nd place received a Mini Hemp Cigar and 3rd received a Hemperette. Although we had a lot of views of the contests sadly only a few sent some in. Well, luckily we had enough where we actually had to choose amongst them. But, should be a signal that if you jump on our Facebook page you’ll no doubt have the chance to compete and have a huge chance of winning!

Just something to keep in mind!

We also shot out a Frodo, Mini and Hemperette for the first orders of Black Friday, so Congrats to them as well!

Without further ado our winners are:


3rd Place – From Colorado

3rd Place Black Friday Meme Winner
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2nd Place – From Colorado

2nd Place Black Friday Meme Winner

1st Place – From Colorado

1st Place Black Friday Meme Winner
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We didn’t choose just because they were from Colorado either 😛

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