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Acme Hemp Labs is the original creator of the Magar/Cannagar back in 2010. We were the first to roll it and sell it throughout Colorado dispensaries. Since then we also took the CBD market by storm with legal hemp cannagars, now we are proud to announce our delta 8 cannagars.

By offering high CBD cannagars mixed with high quality (POTENT) delta 8 we’ve literally been able to supply the highest quality smoking experiences to the USA, Canada and Europe that was otherwise inaccessible before.


You can now purchase the finest smoking experience in the world TODAY!


We are the FIRST & Original Delta 8 Cannagar Company in the World!

You Can Now Order Delta 8 Cannagars Online:

Experience the “Euphoria without the Concern of feeling any Nervousness ™” with the Original FULL High CBD Delta 8 Cannagar from Acme Hemp Labs.

-We’ll be replacing these products shortly with the delta 8 versions this is just a placer post for now-

NOTICE: These products should be handled with care. Avoid driving and operating heavy machinery. Please take it slow if you’ve never tried a Delta 8 cannagar and/or product before.

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Stats on our High CBD Delta 8 Cannagars:

  • Delta 8 Primo – End product weight: 8~ grams, Cigar Ring Size:  45~, 5.5~ inches long, CBD ratio as high as 20+%~, Hemp Strains Vary
  • Delta 8 Frodo – End product weight: 5~ grams, Cigar Ring Size:  45~, 4~ inches long,  CBD ratio as high as 20+%~, Hemp  Strains Vary
  • Delta 8 Mini – End product weight: 2.5~ grams, Cigar Ring Size:  30~, 4~ inches long, CBD ratio as high as 20+%~, Hemp Strains Vary, Flavors Available.

100% Genuine D8 Cannagars Rolled by Hemp Fan Leaf

Our delta 8 hemp cannagars are rolled completely with hemp fan leaf, we NEVER use any type of tobacco and we never use blunts or wraps or palm leaf to roll our product. Like I said, we were the first and the original and our quality and precision that we place into cannagars for the MJ side of our business is being placed in the legal hemp cannagars that we are rolling and selling online.

We are the highest quality delta 8 thc cannagar company in the world, while at the same time also being the most affordable. That’s because we created the industry (LITERALLY!) and we grew it into what it is now through research and development over the last 10 years. We are able to keep prices low while being the highest quality grade cannagar on the market.

[thrive_testimonial name=”Lisa Murphy” company=”FREAKING AMAZING!!!!” image=”https://acmehemplabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Weed-testimonial-icon.jpg”]FREAKING AMAZING!!!! That is the only way to describe my Hegar (Hemp Cigar/Cannagar). I wish I could upload a picture but it’s gone and I am in the process of ordering 2 more. I smoke this big boy twice a day. Once at lunch time and again at bed time. When I smoke it right before bed it’s lights out. I have the most restful sleep and wake up refreshed. After a few drags I am in la la land. It takes the edge off when I smoke it during the day. For those of you who think size DOESN’T matter, think again. This thing is huge and lasts over a week even after smoking it twice a day. This has definitely been a new part of my daily (and nightly) routine.[/thrive_testimonial]

3 Things about our Legal Delta 8 THC Cannagars:

  1. Our delta 8 based cannagars are completely legal to ship and to smoke.
  2. Our delta 8 infused cannagars have 0.3% or lower of THC so you won’t get high but the CBD levels are so high you get a different type of high that’s enjoyable to everyone who tries them. We also ship a legal certificate with each order.
  3. Again no tobacco EVER, no blunts or wraps are EVER used.

Pictures of our Delta 8 THC Cannagars:

Maybe your a bit skeptical about smoking a delta 8 hemp cannagar?

Delta 8 hemp cigar/cannagars are not what most people initially think would be a pleasant thing to smoke! However our delta 8 cannagars are 100% genuine and they pack a shocking and satisfying punch. Many of our hemp based delta 8 cannagar flower strains have 20%~ CBD! You will feel pleasantly surprised after smoking one of these master pieces and you will come back again and again to experience the bliss of a well crafted hand-rolled d8 hemp cannagar from Acme Hemp Labs (originally Acme 420).

Our D8 CBD cannagars smell like a mix of a traditional cigar and aromatic bud yet tastes like the finest flower available. Although you can not get high, many people describe it similar to when you smoke THC related products without the jitters and the nervousness that can come with it.

[thrive_testimonial name=”Martin Barry” company=”The high CBD really creates a great smoke.” image=”https://acmehemplabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/1.jpg”]I wasn’t sure when I first purchased your hemp cigars. I actually never knew that something like that could even exist let alone be something that I would enjoy. The smoke was perfect! It also had a nice body high that kept me relaxed but level headed. The high CBD really creates a great smoke.[/thrive_testimonial]

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[thrive_testimonial name=”Eileen Bane” company=”Wholesale Purchaser ” image=”https://acmehemplabs.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/5.png”]Acme Hemp Labs has fantastic wholesale hemp products! We ordered a basic wholesale hemp cigar package for our online business and it came ahead of schedule and everything looked amazing. Thanks[/thrive_testimonial]

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*Some states still are going through their legalization process, however hemp is now federally legal across the USA. But for the moment we have a list of states we will not currently be shipping cannagars or hemp cigarettes to. Please inquire for more information

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