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Free Hemp Cigars for Video Testimonials/Reviews

Review a Hemp Cigar for Free

apply to review hemp cigarsLooking for Camera Comfortable People to Review Acme Hemp Cigars

Here at Acme Hemp Labs we were prepared to offer a multitude of media this early spring before all hell broke out and people barred themselves in their house and now yell and shoot fire works at the moon at 8pm and because of that we are still offering our 50% hemp cigars sale. Once everything sort of comes back to normal if that’s going to be a thing moving forward, we are going to have interviews and going to be recording some goodies at events. Until then we wanted to put this out for those who are interested in doing a video testimonial for us. Be it positive or negative we are open to it all, not only can we display some thoughts about our products amongst the community we can also take some notes to make our product even better.

We know not all people who smoke hemp cigars won’t too much care for them (just like when we first introduced Marijuana Cigars (Magars) back in 2010), it’s a specific type of taste for sure, but we’ve found most people really like them. If you hate cigars, you might not like them, however we’ve had several people not like cigars, but absolutely loved our hemp cigars. So this is what we are looking for if you’re interested in review our hemp cigar line of products:

  • Someone comfortable in front of the camera
  • Someone who already smokes marijuana/hemp etc
  • Willing to give us the right to use the testimonial on our website/channels etc.
  • Someone who will ACTUALLY do the review (if you’re not motivated to do it, don’t apply please)
  • If you already have a following or channel
    • We will setup an affiliate account for you so you can make money from your review as well
  • USA citizens only right now please

Apply to Review Hemp Cigars

Now we are not just taking anyone we will have a review department go over your application. We will be picking some individuals who are not established as a channel or have a following to get all types of reviews. At this point we are looking for around 20-30 people to join in. Please click below and send us the follow:

  • Name
  • State
  • Age
  • Do you have a following/channel/website? – URLS:
  • Do you have any reviews of MJ/Hemp already? – URLS:
  • Do you have a web-cam or camera you can use and know how to use it?

Fairly simple, we’ll be picking out of those who apply below (click the button).

We are looking to possible send out a 1 Hemperette (hemp cigarette), 1 Mini and 1 Frodo for reviewing purposes.

Click here to apply to review our hemp cigarsClick here to apply review Acme Hemp Cigars

[thrive_testimonial name=”Cari Carmona” company=”High Times ” image=””]”…thanks again for the Hemp ​Cigar! It was so great and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference honestly if no one told you it wasn’t THC. Wow what an amazing product you have…”[/thrive_testimonial]

That’s pretty much it, not much more to say, if you think you’d like to review a hemp cigar and you’re willing to do a review, contact us!

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  • I’d love to try one but I’m a 3rd world piece of shit… 🙁 no hemp cigars poor ol’ Domingo

    • Wow… we send to Canada and a few places in Europe, does
      that mean Japanese people are pieces of shit too Domingo
      or you just pulling a pity party or something?

      Sorry you feel that way not sure what we can do for you.
      Move…? Legally! Do your best to start a business where
      you are, fight oppression buddy. Shit sucks right now.

  • Dude are these really legal, holy shit!!? Are they all pretty much the same kind of hemp cigar? Like, are they the same filling or are they different. I smoke cigars and I tried marijuana once but didn’t like the high, I understand hemp and CBD to a point where it won’t get you high. I’ve used CBD oil and I like it. I like cigars and I read that they are pretty similar to cigars! I DO LIKE the smell and taste of marijuana but can’t stand the spinning room and freaky feelings I get, not sure what that is but didn’t like it. You know?

    • There is a slight difference between minis and the Frodo and Primo. The hemp flower we use needs to be rendered just a bit further down to allow for the minis to be rolled. HOWEVER it all comes from the same place. And, the minis have different flavors that you can choose from. I hope to be able to offer up different types of flavoring/herb mixtures with Frodo and Primo this year called Aromatics.

      They are coming. And I understand I feel the same way about marijuana now days. I used to smoke a lot, then I stopped then I just could never get that tolerance back that I had. I like the hemp as it gives me what I always liked out of smoking MJ anyway and I can still function during the day and it knocks me out like a light at night!.

      If you’re comfortable in front of a camera we could choose you to do a review.

      -Acme Hemp Labs

    • Thank you for your comment about reviewing our hemp cigars on video.

      Please contact us through our contact form, you’ll be required to send in a video to show you are willing to be on camera.

      Then you’ll be selected from the hundreds of others who applied, it’s gotten rather popular.