Pure CBD Exterior Oil 1gram


For external use only.

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Pure CBD Exterior Oil 1g

This is a great exterior CBD oil that many use for skin conditions of all kinds.

Burns, irritation & small patches of skin cancer have seem to have reacted very well to this oil.
Of course we can not claim anything, this is just from our own personal experience and the experience of friends, family and many repeat customers. You can also use this as a type of sunscreen by mixing it in to your favorite lotion.

This is not for internal use!

*Some states in the USA still need to finish their legalization process of CBD, we reserve the right to refund an order from these specific states.
Currently: Nebraska, Idaho, South Dakota, Kansas and South Carolina are states we are refusing orders from at this current moment.

**We also archive all hemp DNA samples with each and all legal state certificates.

We can ALWAYS prove our and your legal status!