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Thank you for your interest in Acme Hemp Labs (Acme 420) products. We have many people and organizations requesting interviews and a chance to talk with us about our gourmet hemp products. We truly are unique in the market of CBD products, we’re not pushing the same every day products as everyone else.

We started off with Magars (Cannagar / Marijuana Cigars) back in 2010 with our flagship business Acme 420, so we TRULY are the original creators in terms of the first LEGAL company to sell these cannabis cigars.

We are now available for YouTube, phone, skype, article/guest post and podcast interviews. Although we receive a lot of requests we can only take so many, so if you are interested in doing a piece about Acme Hemp Labs and our Hemp Cigars or even our Magars from Acme 420 please reach out by going to the contact page and letting us know you’re interested in speaking with us.

Hemp Cigar Product Reviews

Another huge request is the chance to try our products. Well, we’d love for you to! We have a special discount we offer 1 time only for those who have a relevant following or website that would be interested in our products and want to do a review of them. If you’d like to be considered please sign up as an affiliate and if you’re approved we’ll send you a discount code to purchase 3 Hemperette, 2 Mini and 1 Frodo hemp cigar for $25.97 / comes with free shipping (Full Price + Shipping and Handling – $65). We can not offer free samples (except at certain events) any longer but this is the next best way that you can try our products for your affiliate website/video/article/social pieces etc.

Sign up here to become an affiliate.