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​Welcome to Acme Hemp Labs. Please use the menu to select where you want to visit. For those looking for certificates of approval for our hemp products please visit the Hemp Registration Archive below. 

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We are the creators and the original incorporated business of both Hemp and Marijuana Cigars. Over the years we've mastered our craft of creating affordable master pieces that are luxurious and relaxing. Acme Hemp Labs is dedicated to supplying the highest quality CBD hemp cigars (Hegars) as well as CBD, lotions and tinctures. Although we are much more known for our hand rolled hemp cigars. Everything we sell under Acme Hemp Labs meets the federal standard of .3% THC or lower. Many of our Hegar (hemp cigars) have CBD levels reaching 20% and higher.

We're Completely Legal and Compliant with US Law!

So you may purchase ONLINE knowing that you have the full backing of the US government and the 2018 hemp bill. We ship through USPS so that both the sender (us) and the buyer (you) are backed completely by the law of the US government. Now is the day you can order legal hemp cigars and have them delivered to you for your special occasion (Weddings, Births, Graduation etc.) or just an after work or weekend treat to relax by yourself or with your friends and family. Hegars are also great for those people who not wish to get high from THC or do not like tobacco (we are 100% hemp).

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Hegar is a hemp cigar
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the full product line of hegars hemp cigars for the moment 2019
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8 grams for a primo hemp cigar
5.5 inch hemp cigar
4.5 to 5 plus grams of high cbd hemp cigar
medium sized hemp cigar 4 inches long
2 to 2.5 gram small sized hemp cigar
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