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Hempettes Hemp Cigarettes vs Acme Hemp Labs

Hempette Hemp Cigarettes for SaleFor over 10 years Acme Hemp Labs has been creating similar products to hempette except there is a big difference. We use ONLY hemp flower and not ground up stems, leaf and roots as some of these other companies that create hempette hemp cigarettes use. This page is to sort of knock our competition because they are here selling you garbage when you think you’re getting hemp flower. You’re not, you’re getting the dust from a product with filler! I know I’ve spent since my teen years playing with herbs to create a herbal cigarette many many years ago and now I’m doing it for a living but with the highest quality hemp flower I can find.

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When I smoke these products that are “hempettes” I notice something immediately that is not a hemp flower feeling, it’s of something else. Honestly it reminds me of those legal high cigarettes you can purchase at a cigarette store. It doesn’t make me feel good and I highly dislike it. So that made me want to make sure that our version of hempette cigarettes are nothing like the ones being sold in stores and online right now.

AHL Hemperette VS Hempette Hemp Cigarettes

  • Our version of a hempette only uses high CBD hemp flower that reaches up to 20-24%!
  • We do not use any fillers!
  • All handmade so as to be able to use sticker parts of the hemp flower (machines roll with these parts!)
  • The relaxing feeling you get from our product is PURELY from the hemp!!

You can order REAL Hemp Cigarettes HERE.

Forget smoking dust, leaf and roots with hempette hemp cigarettes, try an AHL Hemperette today!



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