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Are you ready for the finest gourmet hemp cigarette available? Our hemp flower we use is some of the highest quality in the world, the flower is very aromatic and sweet. It’s quite a pleasure to smoke one of these and the “CBD high” you get from our gourmet hemp cigarettes will amaze you. We understand a lot of people are on the fence about hemp cigars and hemp cigarettes. Maybe you are? Well being this is our most affordable gourmet hemp smoking experience we challenge you to discover the relaxing benefits of our hemp cigarette brand we call Hemperettes. We are not the run of the mill hemp cigarette brand. We are ALWAYS about high quality gourmet smokes. Nothing else will do and you’ll discover why once you get the chance to sit down, relax and feel the difference with Acme Hemp Labs – Hemperette’s.

Quick Info on our Hemp Cigarettes

  • (NEW) Price Drop! Singles for $2.00 — 5 Packs for $1.70 a piece.
  • Always hand rolled with PREMIUM high quality hemp flower (not dried hemp leaf or dried stem from other brands).
  • Besides our flavored papers our product is 100% pure hemp flower and nothing else!
  • Perfect for pain, sleeping, relaxing and socializing.
  • Our CBD hemp flower ranges up to 18-24% CBD.
  • All of our hemp cigarettes are LEGAL and under the required .3% THC limit
  • Hemp cigarettes do not get you high. All of our products are designed for “Euphoria without the Paranoia™”.

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Our Legal Delta 8 Products:

Warning: These products should be used with caution. It’s advised not to drive or operate heavy machinery while under Delta 8.

It’s similar to marijuana, however some says it’s only 2/3rd the strength. However it’s less of an anxious causing smoking experience, but it has all the pros of smoking marijuana and It’s completely legal under the hemp bill act of 2018. I wouldn’t take this lightly still though, it’s a very strong medicine.

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Hemp Cigarettes Online

The advent of the Internet has allowed many people to now order a selection of hemp cigarettes from a few different companies and for the most part they are not related to tobacco cigarettes (depending on who you buy from). They are available in different designs, sizes, flavors and strains and are manufactured from hemp instead of tobacco. These products have many advantages compared to other conventional cigarettes*.

It has been found that most smokers prefer hemp cigarette products after trying them. Since you hold in the smoke in the same way as regular cigarettes it’s a huge reason why most smokers prefer it is because it gives them the same kind of experience of smoking and receiving a feeling by smoking. However, instead of increasing your blood pressure from smoking tobacco, you truly do relax with our Hemperette’s.

Hemp Cigarettes Are Not Tobacco – A True Safe Alternative?

*The advantage of hemp cigarettes is that they are very low in the same toxic and carcinogens like regular cigarettes (Ehm.. there is no safe alternative to cigarettes… but we think we found it despite what the FDA has to say about it). Tar has been found to have negative effects on the body such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and other health problems. However the tar that comes from smoking a hemp cigarette is a highly concentrated version similar to CBD oil and can actually make you feel better according a lot of peer review and scientific studies.

If you are one of those who are health conscious and you want to avoid bad health conditions, then you should consider buying hemp cigarettes if you are a smoker of tobacco. If you are careful about where you buy them, you can avoid buying poor quality and many times not even hemp flower hemp cigarettes (a real concern). Our Acme Hemp Labs brand is FULL hemp flower, not “Aerial” parts of the plant which is advertised on many box hemp cigarettes. Aerial means all parts of the plant, meaning:

  • Roots and Stems
  • Dried hemp fan leaf
  • then they have a pulverized hemp flower
    • They pulverize it so it can run through their automatic machines (real unadulterated hemp flower can’t be used)
    • Reduced CBD and Reduced flavor comes from pulverizing their product.

The Market for Hemperette Hemp Cigs & 100% Hemp Flower Products

Most of the products that you will find in the market today that claim to be made from hemp contain a mixture of hemp flower but legal “spices” that are used in marijuana alternative smokes you can get at smoke shops and this is why you need to be careful when buying these “hemp cigarettes”. Many brands use this because they are lacking TRUE REAL hemp flower with any good amount of CBD in it at the point it’s finished and automatically rolled into the cigarette tube. The main thing to look for is whether the material used in its manufacturing process is made ONLY from hemp.

Thing is, big tobacco has made a lot of loop holes for these other brands to use. They can add whatever they want without telling you. It’s a “secret” recipe and so nothing is stated. If they can’t claim their hemp flower is 100% then you should stay from it!

When you buy these hemp cigarettes from the internet, you have to make sure that it is not fake. You can read through all the reviews and testimonials posted by those who tried the product before, but it doesn’t always mean you’ll get a straight answer if they are 100% or if they use weird chemicals to give you a “feeling” of what CBD should give you naturally, like our Hemperette’s.

Otherwise they are simply faking a real hemp cigarette. Go figure.

Are Hemp Cigarettes Addictive and Order + Contact Us

*Using hemp cigarettes are not completely risk free and should be used with caution still of course, but we feel they are much safer than most options out there. If you feel you are ready to try a REAL hemp cigarette, then you should consider ordering a Hemperette from Acme Hemp Labs.

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Disclaimer: *We are not stating these ARE safe alternative smokes. We are simply stating our opinion from years and years of smoking them ourselves and the independent reviews we’ve received.