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Acme Hemp Labs version of Hemparette hemp cigarettes are made with the high quality hemp flower and not ground up roots and leaf like other hemparette hemp cigarettes out there. We’ve been in the business since 2010 when we first started our marijuana counterpart of our business. We’ve been working with industry leaders in how to properly roll a hemparette hemp cigarette so that we can use the finest highest CBD hemp flower available.

Hemperette Hemp Cigarettes for Sale

Are you ready for the finest gourmet hemp cigarette available? Our hemp flower we use is some of the highest quality in the world, the flower is very aromatic and sweet. It’s quiet a pleasure to smoke one of these and the CBD high you get from our gourmet hemp cigarettes will amaze you. We understand a lot of people are on the fence about hemp cigars and hemp cigarettes. Maybe you are? Well being this is our most affordable gourmet hemp smoking experience we challenge you to discover the relaxing benefits of our hemp cigarette.

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All of the hemparette hemp cigarettes we sell all have THC limits under .3% and can be purchased throughout the USA legally (except a few select states atm).


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