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Cari Carmona from High Times


​"...thanks again for the Hemp ​Cigar! It was so great and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference honestly if no one told you it wasn't THC. Wow what an amazing product you have..."

​Cari Carmona ​HIGH TIMES

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​3 Different Hegar Sizes to Choose From

​But... C'mon HEMP??

Hemp Cigars are not what you initially think. They are potent and they really do pack a punch, with many strains having over 20%+ CBD you WILL feel pleasantly surprised after smoking these master pieces and you will come back again and again to experience the bliss of a well crafted hand-rolled hemp cigar from Acme 420.

You can now order hemp cigars online through our E commerce platform.

​Our hemp cigars are filled with the best high quality cannabidiol bud available up to ​​8 grams for our larger hemp cigar, most of which is certified Organic!* We actually worked with some of the first purely organic hemp flower farmers in the United States. Our hemp cigars contain no nicotine, are not addicitive, we are NOT a BLUNT OR A WRAP!

​Our hemp cigars smell like a traditional cigar yet tastes like the finest bud available. Although you can not get high, many people describe it like when you smoke weed with out the jitters and the anxiety that can come with it.

One of our main rollers was quoted saying these products contain the "Euphoria without Paranoia™"​. 

*We will be working with the USDA to finalize our certified organic hemp cigars. Until then, know that all our hemp flower comes from organic practices. We find that one can not establish high CBD without us​ing natural techniques and call it safe.

Are you ready to purchase the most luxurious smoking experience in the world? Think of our hand-rolled hemp cigars as a smokers dream, because they are!

​If you don't like tobacco ​or getting high or can't
but want an ACTUAL relaxing smoke... then,
Acme ​420 Hegars ​​Are for You!

Hegars are the next generation of smokes that are completely legal across the USA. Because of the recently passed Hemp Farm Act Bill of 17-18 it's completely legal to purchase hemp throughout the USA* as long as it's under 0.3% or under in THC.

Hegars are exactly what you have been waiting for. Hegars are hand rolled from start to finish. They're completely wrapped by hemp leaf just as a real cigar is wrapped by a tobacco leaf. Hegars are full of hemp flower reaching up to 20%+ CBD. Hegars are much more complex than a simple lonely cigar. Because the leaf of the hemp plant only reaches a certain size it takes meticulous skill to properly roll a Hegar so that they smoke properly.

Which is another perk for choosing the original company who started the niche of marijuana and hemp cigars. We've decided that rather than scalping you our customer for $100's for a single product, we instead became the leading experts of alternative smoking cigars (Since 2010). We are the first ones to create standards for this specific industry and because of that we are truly the only ones you can trust to have a perfectly crafted hemp cigar.

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So because of that we can offer these to everyone instead of an elite few who can purchase them. We TRULY are the ORIGINAL "Cannagar" creator called Magars, we were the first on the scene over 9 years ago and we have been building and perfecting our craft ever since so that we can offer these brilliantly created products for you which ANYONE can afford!

Be it for a weddings, graduations, a birth, a party or a night out on the town, Hegars are the One and ONLY high quality, luxurious smoking products on the market today and no one can come close to matching our craft nor our prices as a legit hand rolled hemp product.

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Hemp Cigars infused CBD terpenes and legal

Can hemp get you high off of CBD?

No, however many people have tried and what they do get is a CBD "high". This is different than a THC high. There is no paranoia or anxiety that accompanies smoking CBD. Most people who get this "high" end up finding it very relaxing and enjoyable.

Do hemp cigars have nicotine?

No and they never will with Acme Hemp Labs. Our goal is to continue to remove tobacco derivatives from the hemp and marijuana space. No nicotine will ever be added nor will any type of tobacco like some "hemp cigars" out there do. We are not a blunt NOR wrap, we are 100% hemp.

Do hemp cigars help with anxiety?

Yes! We have found that the high CBD helps lower anxiety in many people including myself, this is why a lot of people take CBD oil for similar effects. However with a hemp cigar, the CBD is immediately absorbed into the blood stream and one will find themselves relaxing sooner than if they take straight CBD oil.


Can you smoke hemp?

Yes in fact you can. Many people especially those who are avid marijuana smokers think that hemp is inferior. However more and more people are finding it useful for being able to get all the benefits of marijuana without the anxiety or the "too" high feeling.

​These are perfect for those who like to smoke but either don't like the effects or need to stay sober while at the same time receiving relaxing benefits from the CBD.

​Overall, hemp cigars when properly rolled with quality hemp flower​ reach what is consider to be a "CBD" high, however, they can still function throughout the day without the need to crash on a couch.

What is a hemp cigar?

Proper REAL hemp cigars are a work of art, similar to traditional tobacco cigars, hemp cigars are filled with premium high CBD hemp flower and wrapped ​ONLY in fan leaf. Anything else is considered a blunt or a hemp wrap. Acme Hemp Labs hemp cigars are the first and the original gourmet hemp cigar and​ we ALWAYS wrapped with the fan leaf of the hemp plant.

Are hemp cigars addictive?

No! We do not add any addictive properties into the hemp cigars. If however you purchase from someone else, you will have to inquire with them personally. We are not a wrap or blunt, we ​always use 100% hemp ALWAYS.

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​*Some states still are going through their legalization process, however hemp is now federally legal across the USA. But for the moment we have a list of states we will not currently be shipping to.

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