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Hemp Cannagars vs Tobacco Cigar – Prices & Difference of Hemp Flower & CBD Flower

Hemp Cannagars vs Tobacco Cigar – Prices & Difference of Hemp Flower & CBD Flower

Recently I wrote a lengthy reply to a customer of ours, see below the question:


Is there a difference between hemp flower and cbd flower?  Would be curious. I used to be a smoker in college and really enjoyed it for years but as life took hold I decided to stop smoking. Since then I have gotten into cigars. I enjoy smoking cigars and I really liked the cigars I bought from you guys. I think having a substitute for tobacco as well as enjoying the different flavors with flower would go a long way.

The price point is interesting as well as you can get some really good cigars at 3-5 price point if you buy more then one. I already smoked your mini and Frodo and will be doing the bigger one shortly. Side question. Can you inhale these cannagars cannabis? So I think for the biggest one getting near 10$ a cigar would be a price point where you  can actually compete with tobacco cigars.
So yes if you can find out what others you have available that would be great as well as any ability to get the price down understanding that buying more does that. I know you can get 5 of the biggest ones for around 20$ each which is nice ut see if there is anything that can be done. I do also understand that this is really just starting and there will be more hemp/cbd cigars popping up over the next several years if not sooner.
Thanks for any and all the help, it is appreciated and I am just trying to gather as much information on this as I can.
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In the industry hemp flower and CBD flower is the same thing. There are some cigars out there that do add concentrated CBD oil into it, however we do not do anything with tobacco. We are very strict with that actually and have been since we started doing these with marijuana back in 2010.

About being able to inhale, yes you can and I would personally say that’s where it gets even better being able to do so. Then you really get the euphoric feeling from the CBD while smoking.
I’ve been a cigar fan since I was in my early 20s however tobacco just wrecks me, so despite I like the process of smoking, it almost always got me sick… and I really liked smoking weed and even the Magars (the marijuana versions we first made) but I’m such a lightweight with MJ that it sends me to the moon and I’m out of it for most of the day. Since I got to work these hemp cigars have been perfect for me as I can smoke, get a nice relaxation going on, yet still be able to focus and work, and a lot of other people in the same boat, which is why they’ve become so popular.
About the price, we’d always end up being more expensive than cigars just based on the fact they get their tobacco leaf for pennies compared to what we have to pay for top shelf high CBD hemp flower, also despite we use similar techniques with rolling, it’s much more technical and tedious, so we naturally have to pay more in wages for them to be rolled. But, if you’re looking to purchase more a lot at one time let me know I could probably get you drop shipping rates on those orders, which is a bit more than wholesale but we offer that to people who want to create their own store online, and when they sell a hemp cigar we’ll send it out for them.
I hope that answers some if not all your questions, if I missed something let me know,
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