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Cari Carmona

“…thanks again for the Hemp ​Cigar! It was so great and you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference honestly if no one told you it wasn’t THC. Wow what an amazing product you have…”

Cari Carmona-High Times


FREAKING AMAZING!!!! That is the only way to describe my Hegar. I wish I could upload a picture but it’s gone and I am in the process of ordering 2 more. I smoke this big boy twice a day. Once at lunch time and again at bed time. When I smoke it right before bed it’s lights out. I have the most restful sleep and wake up refreshed. After a few drags I am in la la land. It takes the edge off when I smoke it during the day. For those of you who think size DOESN’T matter, think again. This thing is huge and lasts over a week even after smoking it twice a day. This has definitely been a new part of my daily (and nightly) routine.

Lisa Murphy

– They Are Amazing –

…I got the [hemp cigars] I ordered last week – they are amazing – I will be letting everyone we know what you offer …they are very very smooth – no cough …and they [hemp cigars] last a long time.

Again, thank you.

Martha Skiersch

Woah, Really?? Amazing!

My husband and I purchased a bunch of Frodo and Primo hemp cigars back in January for our wedding after party. We were all completely blown away and it really topped off our special day. Cheers!

Jennifer & Jake M.


Andy and the company are the best things ever. I love the way they taste and the customer service is 100% recommend to all my friends in the area.

Samantha Burress


Love your hemp product. It’s awesome!


Lady McGregor

Brilliant! The Hegar is the next step and generation of smoking pleasure. As I’m holding in my hand now, I’m enjoying the scent and the feel of everything that stems from this master piece. The high CBD hemp flower is truly some of the best I’ve had in the category of “hemp”. Good stuff guy, seriously!

Lady McGregor-Ecommerce

Morson Morter

We purchased some for a family and friends get together and it tied the party together PERFECTLY. Don’t stop what you’re doing!

Morson Morter-Self-Help

Reddit Review

These are my favorite things and I’ve never even had one!

Reddit Review

The high CBD really creates a great smoke.

I wasn’t sure when I first purchased your hemp cigars. I actually never knew that something like that could even exist let alone be something that I would enjoy. The smoke was perfect! It also had a nice body high that kept me relaxed but level headed. The high CBD really creates a great smoke.

Martin Barry

Sven Red

Hey guys, I met you first at the St. Patricks day event. I have to let you know I’ve been anxiously waiting to purchase your hemp cigars again. I hope to be able to start purchasing these cigars every time I have an event up at my ranch.

Sven Red-Construction

…will order again!

…Helps a lot with depression, will order again!

Eric McGuire

Very Satisfied

It was good product. Came in tubes, as expected. Had very good flavor, and strong cbd. The effects were positive, and I am glad I purchased. Overall i was very satisfied.

William Bryce Yoder

Wholesale Purchaser

Acme Hemp Labs has fantastic wholesale hemp products! We ordered a basic wholesale hemp cigar package for our online business and it came ahead of schedule and everything looked amazing. Thanks

Eileen Bane-Ecommerce

Completely blown away…

I’m completely blown away by how much I loved these…

Bell B.

Goes great with Jameson on the rocks…

You have a tremendous product, it gave me such a feeling of relaxation and peace. Goes great with Jameson on the rocks, and took away most of my anxiety and concerns with the ongoing crisis. Keep up the great work!

Dave Thompson

The size and the quality of craftsmanship is above all expectations.

I just received my order for the Hegar and it is quite impressive. The size and the quality of craftsmanship is above all expectations. I lit it up and took a couple of drags and really like the feeling…

Lisa M.

Our Legal Delta 8 Products:

Full Legal Hemp Cigar LogoWe are the creators and the original incorporated business of both Hemp and Marijuana Cigars. Over the years we’ve mastered our craft of creating affordable master pieces that are luxurious and relaxing. Acme Hemp Labs is dedicated to supplying the highest quality CBD hemp cigars (Hegars) as well as CBD, lotions and tinctures. Although we are much more known for our hand rolled hemp cigars. Everything we sell under Acme Hemp Labs meets the federal standard of .3% THC or lower. Many of our Hegar (hemp cigars) have CBD levels reaching 20% and higher.

We’re Completely Legal and Compliant with US Law!

So you may purchase ONLINE knowing that you have the full backing of the US government and the 2018 hemp bill. We ship through USPS so that both the sender (us) and the buyer (you) are backed completely by the law of the US government. Now is the day you can order legal hemp cigars and have them delivered to you for your special occasion (Weddings, Births, Graduation etc.) or just an after work or weekend treat to relax by yourself or with your friends and family. Hegars are also great for those people who not wish to get high from THC or do not like tobacco (we are 100% hemp).

Learn More About Hemp Cigars and our other CBD Products

We are supremely happy to finally be able to offer these master pieces on the internet for those who wish to try something different!

to learn more please visit our store page or our hemp cigar page.

Discover today why so many have become immediate fans of Acme Hemp Labs.

Medium Sized CBD Hemp CigarFrodo from Acme Hemp Labs CigarLargest CBD Hemp CigarPrimo Hegar Hemp Cigar in Case and Out REALHemp Cigarettes HempetteHemperette Hemp CigarettesHemp Mini CigarMini Hemp Cigars from Acme Hemp LabsUp Close of Band of Hegar Hemp Cigarhemp cigar wholesale vendorsPrimo Frodo and Mini Hemp Cigar Hegar side by sidePrimo Hemp Cigar Measures to Around 5.5 Inches8 grams large hemp cigarPrimo Hemp Cigar Weighs around 7.5 to 8.5 gramsmedium sized hemp cigar 4 inches longFrodo Sized Hemp Cigar Measured to around 4 inchesFrodo Hemp Cigar Weighs Around 4.5 to 5 gramsFrodo Up Close Hemp CigarFrodo Medium CBD hemp cigar imageFrodo Hemp Cigar in Case and Out3 inch small hemp cigarMini Sized Hemp Cigars Measure around 3 inches2 gram hemp cigarMini Sized Hemp Cigar Weighs around 1.7 to 2.3 gramsOur Mini Hemp Cigar in BagWholesale hemp cigars bulk purchasingCan of Primo Hegar Hemp Cigarsthe full product line of hegars hemp cigars for the moment 2019The Full Hegar Hemp Cigar Family Case and All 2Hemp Cigar CuttersHemp Cigarettes HempetteHemperettes 1CBD Hegars Hemp Cigars OILAcme Hemp Labs Sphinx LogoAcme Hemp Labs Logo PREVNEXT

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We are the original Cannagar creators established in 2010 in Denver, Colorado.